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Pricing of Outlook Support

Product Price List

If you purchase:
1st Level Support
you will pay
$ 49.95
per incident

(*The support requires 30 minutes or less to resolve the problem.)

2nd Level Support
you will pay
$ 99.95
per incident

(The support requires more than 30 minutes and is handled within 3 hours.)

Thus, we provide Outlook support for complicated and wide range of issues (that take more than 3 hours). Contacts tech support to know more about our services.

*During the support session the Tech Support expert first diagnoses your issue and tries to find the cause of your Microsoft Outlook problem. We do not guarantee that the amount of effort and/or time required to manage and resolve an incident during the support session will not alter. The technician shall inform the customer during the first 10 minutes of support session. Click for details.

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Money Back 100% Guarantee

The customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you are not satisfied, for any reason at all, please contact us.

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