Incident Categories

Technical support for Microsoft Outlook is charged by incident. Every issue is considered as a separate incident. The Customer is charged by the amount of effort and/or time required to manage and resolve the incident and pays for the 1st or 2nd level support correspondingly.

We distinguish these two incident categories: minor and major.

If the Tech Support expert does not have all the details to be able to determine the category before starting the support session, he will do so within the first 10 minutes. The Customer will be given the reasons why the incident should come within this or that category. At this point the Customer can decline support or encourage the Tech Support expert to proceed with it. The details of different cases of support are provided in the Outlook Support Agreement that our customers should sign before allowing our Technical experts to resolve the problems with their Outlook. Agreement is provided just before starting the troubleshooting. Please get familiar with this agreement before giving the green light to our specialists. If the incident is too complicated and can not be resolved during 3 hours, the customer can decline support and get the full refund.

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