Common Microsoft Outlook PST file issues

PST files used to store all your Outlook data (emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc...) can get corrupted, damaged or otherwise harmed on a seemingly regular basis. In case Outlook becomes excessively slow or errors constantly appear, it can get very frustrating. Our Outlook Tech Support can provide you assistance.

Duplicated items in Outlook.

Multiple Microsoft Outlook duplicates can cause your Outlook to perform slower. Removing Outlook duplicates can be very time-consuming. Our Outlook Tech Support team can remove or merge all duplicate items and remove junk Contacts (contacts that contain too little information). Duplicates will be removed or merged from all Outlook folders including Public and Microsoft Exchange Folders.

Incorrect folder structure or usage.

Organizing emails should help you save old messages to a location where you can find them quickly and distinguish messages that you still need to act on and that you have already dealt with. Microsoft Outlook is a powerful software and has variety of options that help with sorting out your Outlook data. But sometimes creating a folder structure and rules might bring more confusion and inability to find the needed information.

Accidentally deleted information restoration.

In case you delete emails, contacts, tasks, calendar events or even the whole calendar from the mailbox, you can find them in the Deleted items folder of that mailbox. But it can happen that after a few weeks you realize that you need some data that you have deleted, but unfortunately, it has been automatically removed. If your Exchange Server is configured to keep the deleted items, you may be still able to restore Outlook data that has been removed from your Deleted Items folder. It is also possible to restore the deleted information from your regular email account, such as POP3. Even if data is deleted from the Deleted Items folder - it may be possible to get it back, however chances of success depend on how quickly you realize that the information has been wrongfully deleted, what additional actions have been performed with the data inside of your Outlook data file (PST) and how fast you can contact us.

PST file restoration from backups.

Using PST file backup, it is possible to restore PST file on the current computer or move Outlook data to another computer. Outlook backup is created as a separate PST file. We can quickly restore your data from a backup file.

Damaged PST file fix.

When your PST file is damaged or corrupted due to various reasons you are not able to open it normally in Microsoft Outlook. You can fix PST file problems using the PST file repair tools or using our Certified Microsoft Outlook tech Support help.

Information transfer from other sources to MS Outlook and vice versa.

Nowadays, most of us use several devices in our daily environment and it's frustrating if you cannot access the same data on any of your device when you need it. Eliminate the need of adding new data to all your devices manually. Setting up synchronization between Outlook on several devices, Google, iPhone, Android or any other smartphones and tablets can make things a lot easier.

The Outlook PST backup file can be used to transfer Outlook data from one PC to another PC even if different Outlook versions are installed. iCal or vCard files can be also used to successfully import or export your personal information.

PST file splitting/merging.

Those who use the Microsoft Outlook 2002 or earlier version of Outlook may face an oversized PST file problem. If a PST file reaches or exceeds the size limit, the user will not be able to open or load it anymore. In this case your PST file should be restored to a usable status using external tools. Even if the restoration is successful, some data might be lost. To prevent the PST file getting oversized, the user should constantly split PST files and archive them. The opposite situation is when you have a lot of small Outlook files with important data, and you want to merge PST files into one.

OST file conversion/management.

Microsoft Outlook users who are leaving their current employer would want to take their mail, calendar, or contacts with them and do one of two things – delete the Microsoft Exchange account from their profile without realizing the Contacts are stored in the Exchange account or they take the OST file with them, not realizing it can only be opened using the account that created it. We can take care of such files and convert them to a usable PST version with all the information inside.