Conditions and Refunds

We are eager to make sure that you will be really happy with your purchase.

During the diagnosis, the problem and its cause will be determined by the Tech Support expert. Troubleshooting lasts up to 1 hour without any additional payments. Purchase is made per incident – it means that even if the resolution of the problem takes less than 1 hour, the remaining time is not refundable and can’t be used for another support case.

If during the first 10 minutes the Tech Support expert determines that the problem cannot be fixed within 1 hour, the Customer shall be notified and asked to pay for extended premium support session. If the Customer does not agree, he/she can decline support and get the full refund.

If an incident is not resolved during the support session (1 hour) and customer doesn’t want to continue, the payment (if made before the session) will be returned.

In case the Customer applies with the same issue during the next 3 business days after the premium support session (72 hours, business days only), the next support session will be provided free of charge (one time only).

If during the 2nd support session (within the 72-hour period) the issue is not resolved, the Customer will be issued the refund for the support level paid.

If more than 3 business days pass since the 1st support session, the Customer will not be eligible for any refund and the next support session will be considered as a new case.

Case is considered to be resolved when Customer checks the results of the work that was done and confirms that the issue is solved at the end of the premium support session.