How to set up Outlook email account and configure email settings.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to handle several email addresses from the same interface. Depending on your needs you can set up Gmail on Outlook, Hotmail on Outlook or any other Exchange, IMAP, POP3 email accounts and access all of them in a single Outlook user profile. For most accounts Microsoft Outlook will automatically configure the account by using just an email address, a password and a name. If you have an email account from your Internet server provider, they should provide you with the configuration information that you need to manually set up the email account in Outlook. When you setup Gmail in Outlook you have to specify your Gmail Outlook settings, such as your Gmail username and password, Gmail server ports, Gmail server addresses and Gmail outlook display name. If you are setting up Hotmail on Outlook 2003 or 2007 you have to install Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector or you can try tools that allow you to access web-based email accounts via POP or IMAP account and adjust the Hotmail Outlook settings. The Outlook Tech support can handle Outlook Setup for you.
Outlook Tech Support will check email configuration on you computer or will set up Outlook for you. The support will also look for issues, such as error messages while sending or receiving emails, problems with Outlook settings, issues with PST file location etc.

Creating Outlook Signature, Rules and Categories.

Microsoft Outlook provides you with many options to customize the look of your Outlook. By creating Outlook signature you do not have to type repeatedly your name and contact details at the end of your email. Outlook rules are a great way to sort large amount of incoming emails. The Outlook Tech support can assist you in creating Outlook Signature, Rules, Categories or in setting up other Outlook options.

Outlook data migration from iPhone, iPad, Android

Migration from other systems to Outlook (Outlook data migration from iPhone, iPad, Android)

If you own an Android device or iPhone, iPad, you probably already know that you cannot sync to Outlook without the help of third-party software. Of course, if you’re on Exchange, it’s not a problem. But for those using IMAP or POP3, just plugging that phone into your PC will not do it. Tech Support specialists will help you migrate your Outlook data to smartphones, tablets, other PCs (laptops or desktops) and vice versa.